How to remove units from a plot?

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Hello! How can I remove the unit "seconds" for the x label? I need to use the unit in another language. I searched everywhere and I coul not find a helpfull answer. Thank you!
Rasmus on 31 Jan 2023
I would still like to know how i get rid of the units...? Its very annoying that they cannot be removed.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Jan 2023
num = [37.5 13875 1125000]; den = [2.45 38.125 6205 1125000];
G = tf(num,den);
t = 1:0.01:5;
sq_wave = 0.01*square(2*pi*0.3.*t,50);
%% plot the response
fig = figure();
Warning: Simulation will start at a nonzero initial time.
L = findall(fig, 'String', 'Time (seconds)');
L.String = 'Time';
This was a weird one. It turns out that the labels that are visible are in a separate axes that is marked Visible off and HandleVisibility off. I have no idea why they would bother to do that.

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Accepted Answer

Shae Morgan
Shae Morgan on 16 Oct 2020
You can try to save and re-plot the output of the graph, then use xlabel to solve your problem.
Hope that's helpful!

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