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Adaptive Cruise Control System - How would I simulate my system (beginner)?

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gabriel rios
gabriel rios on 19 Oct 2020
Answered: Manas Meena on 9 Nov 2020
I am using the "Adpative Cruise Control System" under the library "Model Predictive Control Toolbox / Automated Driving".
I have only used Simulink a number of times so I may need references or a little more explation.
Basically, I have a problem in which I beleive this toolbox would be perfect for. I have two balls, the lead ball is going at a constant 26 [m/s] while the follower back is initially 6 [m] behind and going at 25.6 [m/s]. I want to create a system in which this follower ball stays matches the speed of the lead ball and maintains a distance of 6 [m].
I looked at numerous random examples for other simulink setups unrelated to this one, and I managed to compile this.
I want to see the velocity of the follower ball (and position) with respect to time, so I integrated the output acceleration and added this scope to see the results. I received wonky results in which my velocity actually decreased below the initial velocity which makes no sense as it should increase initially, then decrease to a value above the initial.
Can someone please take a look at this toolbox and help me design my problem set up? I am willing to read and learn. Once again, I have little experience with Simulink so please explain or add references!
Thank you for your time!

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Manas Meena
Manas Meena on 9 Nov 2020
Yes, you can use Model Predictive Control Toolbox to simulate such adaptive cruise control models.
Please refer to the links below to learn how to use the Toolbox, also refer to the example Model for adaptive cruise control.
You can find all the relevant information regarding adaptive cruise control and Safe distance following algorithms in the mentioned links.

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