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Read multiple data from text files and storing the full data in different variables to carry tasks later individually.

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Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan on 21 Oct 2020
Answered: Arpit Bhatia on 29 Oct 2020
I would like to read multilple files with UIGETFILE command and then read any number of text files ( sample data attached). It should read the data and store it in variables which will be equal to the number of files. The variable should contain the full data from the text file ( in table format or any form which I could carry calculations with different rows and columns)
I have used this code ( but the variable is just showing path and file name, not the data inside it.)
[filename,pathname] = uigetfile('.txt', 'Select the types of fuel to be compare','Multiselect','on');
if iscell(filename)== 0
filename = {filename};
numfiles = size(filename,2);
for ii = 1:numfiles
entirefile{ii} =fullfile(pathname,filename{ii});
fid = fopen(entirefile{ii});
% your code

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Arpit Bhatia
Arpit Bhatia on 29 Oct 2020
Hi Amanullah,
The fullfile function is only building the complete path to the selected text files and does not return the contents of the files. To read the data inside the text files, use the fileread function as show below.
entirefile{ii} = fileread(fullfile(pathname,filename{ii}));
Using fileread does not require you to use the fopen and fclose functions and hence those lines should be deleted.

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