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Plot multiple conditions in same figure using for and if loop.

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Cate may
Cate may on 26 Oct 2020
Commented: Cate may on 26 Oct 2020
I would like to plot the total cases against days tracked for the 6 countries mentioned in key_locations. The code currently only works and plots for a single country because strcmp can only compare two strings, but I would like to compare 6 strings (one for each country) to the cell data and plot the graphs all on the same figure. This is what I've written so far and a sample of the excel sheet is attached.
Thank you
covid_data = readtable('owid-covid-data.xlsx');
key_locations = ["Australia" "China" "India" "Indonesia" "Malaysia" "Vietnam"];
Location = covid_data(:,3);
CC = table2cell(Location); %converts table to cell array
CC1 = table2cell(covid_data);
[R C] = size(covid_data);
for i = 1:R
if strcmp(CC(i),key_locations(1));
daystracked(i) = cell2mat(CC1(i,5));
newcases(i) = cell2mat(CC1(i,7));
totalcases(totalcases == NaN) = []; %NaN is currently undefined
daystracked(daystracked == NaN) = [];
newcases(newcases == NaN) = [];

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 26 Oct 2020
Edited: Cris LaPierre on 26 Oct 2020
You might as well keep your data in a table. Coverting it to a cell array doesn't help you.
Creating your plot can be done quite simply using the ismember function and gscatter.
covid_data = readtable('owid-covid-data.xlsx');
key_locations = ["Australia" "China" "India" "Indonesia" "Malaysia" "Vietnam"];
% Find reports for key_locations
Location = ismember(covid_data.location,key_locations);
% Plot data for key_locations. Group by country.

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