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SerdesTool Box - Multi Channels model

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Samir Aboulhouda
Samir Aboulhouda on 27 Oct 2020
After exporting the Serdes Model to Sumulink, would it be possible to add more channel loss inside the TX or RX block?


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Vaishnav Katiyar
Vaishnav Katiyar on 30 Oct 2020
Yes, it is possible to modify ChannelLoss. The serdes.ChannelLoss System object™ constructs a lossy transmission line model for use in the SerDes Designer app and other exported Simulink® models in the SerDes Toolbox™.
To construct the loss model from channel loss metric:
  1. Create the serdes.ChannelLoss object and set its properties.
  2. Call the object with arguments, as if it were a function.
ChannelLoss = serdes.ChannelLoss
ChannelLoss = serdes.ChannelLoss(Name,Value)
ChannelLoss = serdes.ChannelLoss returns a ChannelLoss object that modifies an input waveform with a lossy printed circuit board transmission line model.
ChannelLoss = serdes.ChannelLoss(Name,Value) sets properties using one or more name-value pairs. Enclose each property name in quotes. Unspecified properties have default values.
ChannelLoss = serdes.ChannelLoss('Loss',5,'TargetFrequency',14e9) returns a ChannelLoss object that has a channel loss of 5 dB at 14 GHz.
Kindly visit the link below for more information:

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Samir Aboulhouda
Samir Aboulhouda on 30 Oct 2020
Hi Katiar & Team, Thank you for your prompt reply.
Maybe my question was poorly worded. The attached picture describes better what I would like to be able to simulate. Of course, I tried this setup, but the simulation didn't "accept" that I set different properties for the analog channel; it seems that all the properties have to be the same.
It would be good if we could instantiate different analog channel objects with different properties.
-- Thanks, Samir

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Abilash Venkatesh
Abilash Venkatesh on 4 Dec 2020
Hello Samir,
You can use MATLAB® System object™ to insert serdes.ChannelLoss or serdes.ChannelImpulse inside the model.
Please find my attachment of a SerDes Simulink Model for your reference. Here, I have created two MATLAB system blocks and referred them to serdes.ChannelLoss and serdes.ChannelImpulse. After creating the blocks, you can edit their parameters and analyze the system.
Note: These System objects are not included in the Init Analysis. More information provided here : This will also explain why two different Analog Channel blocks creates a conflict.
I'll share your request with my colleagues on the development team to establish a better workflow for multi-channel SerDes Models.
Thanks, Abilash


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