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Z must be a matrix, not scalar or vector - SURF

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Sclay748 on 27 Oct 2020
Commented: Sclay748 on 27 Oct 2020
Attached is a screenshot of my code and a table I recreated in excel. Just pretend it is in MATLAB. Unfortunaltly, because this is for work, I cannot share actual screenshots, so I made a simplified mock up to show you.
'b' is the variable name I call from.
'c' is just what I call the length of b, which is 12.
The table is a 1x12 structure with 12 fields. For my example, I only show 1 to 5, but you ge the idea to show you where I get the error 'Z must be a matrix, not scalar or vector.'
I appreciate any help/advice. Thanks!


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Sindar on 27 Oct 2020
struct array is a terrible way to store this data. Does this do it?
tbl = struct2table(b);
% no loop


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Sindar on 27 Oct 2020
What were you expecting? The x and y values seem to be the same for every row
For homogenous data, tables are so much better. I'm still kinda bitter that I learned Matlab on a (old-at-the-time) version prior to tables, and coded everything up badly with struct arrays, before learning about tables.
Sclay748 on 27 Oct 2020
oh i guess that makes sense. I just was looking for the typical surface looking graph, but you made me realize that haha

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