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Create a 2D/3D mesh to patch a distribution of points [URGENT]

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I've a group of points, each with his X,Y,Z coordinates and a P value. These are distributed on a 3D surface (lets think to it as a parallelepiped, but mine hasn't flat surfaces).
I can easily plot them with the scatter 3 plot. This way however I wouldn't see a closed body, but some points flying in the space.
I would like to create a mesh following the points so to "rebuild" the geometry and being able to use the patch command assigning to each patch (whose center is about X(i),Y(i),Z(i)) the color P(i). Since the points are really a lot (about 500) doing this by hand would take days. Is there a way, a script or a function to automatize it?
If it can help you the datas are pressions taken from the surface of a building (so to clarify a bit the situation)
Thank you for your help

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