Saving final states and setting initial values in Simulink

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I have created a Model of an electric power system using Simscape ==> Power System.
I simulate it, then I save the final state values (In the Configuration Paramete, Data import/export) so that I use them in a next simulation as initial state values. See the picture below:
Then xFinal gets saved in the Workspace.
for the next Simulation, I want to use the saved xFinal, as the initial state values. See the picture:
But when i run the simulink Model, I get the following error:
Can someone please help me? this is driving me crazy.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Saeed Ahmadzadeh Mahboobi
Saeed Ahmadzadeh Mahboobi on 16 Dec 2020
I myself found what the problem is:
I made changes to the model (for example like adding an RLC-branch to the model, or changed the topology of the model) after I saved the final values. So these saved final values which are going to be the initial values for the next simulation, cannot be applied, because I had changed the model after saving the final states.
So if somebody in the futire has this problem, maybe this experience sharing would be helpful for her/him

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