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How I can extract certain range of value from workspace?

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Wen Shu Wong
Wen Shu Wong on 4 Nov 2020
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I have load 100x100 mat file into workspace. How can I extract certain range of values for example (5:10)x(5:10) from the workspace?

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S. Walter
S. Walter on 4 Nov 2020
You have a matrix A:
A = rand(100,100);
You want only the 5th through the 10th elements, you can do that using the colon operator:
B = A(5:10,5:10);
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Wen Shu Wong
Wen Shu Wong on 4 Nov 2020
Hello. I've tried to extract it as A(264:271 , 267:274) but the output is not what I expected. May I know what is the problem with this?

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