Parallel Toolbox sets a max of 1 workers on new cluster in R2020b

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Both R2020a and R2020b exhibit this behavior on our new cluster where you start matlab then do >>parpool(10).
It responds "You requested a minimum of 10 workers, but the cluster "local" has the
NumWorkers property set to allow a maximum of 1 workers"
There are 94 cores available to jobs on each node.
In the Environment / Parallel / Create and Manage Clusters, NumWorkers is left blank which is the default setting of number of cores. The difference with this cluster is that Matlab is built on a VM and not on a compute node, like the older one
Our older cluster responds with:
Connected to the parallel pool (number of workers: 10).
ans =
ProcessPool with properties:
Connected: true
NumWorkers: 10
Cluster: local
AttachedFiles: {}
AutoAddClientPath: true
IdleTimeout: 30 minutes (30 minutes remaining)
SpmdEnabled: true
Christopher S Reidy
Christopher S Reidy on 16 Nov 2020
Hi Walter
Yes - good clue - glnxa64. That is the question - which environment variable? We havent found one yet
Thanks, Chris

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Aghamarsh Varanasi
Aghamarsh Varanasi on 13 Nov 2020
The issue could be with the other applications running in parallel with MATLAB or the system configurations. Hence this cannot be reproduced at our end. I suggest you contact MathWorks support to resolve the issue.

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