Can I control GUI with Hand Gestures or variable input (instead of a mouse)?

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Trying to use a Hand Gesture Recognition code to control a GUI designed in AppDesigner. Is it possible to take the variable CHAR_STR and use it as an input into the GUI instead of a mouse click or to move a to the left/right button on the GUI etc.?
Hand Gesture Recognition Code:
cam = videoinput('macvideo',1); % or winvideo if you don't have a mac
cam.Name = 'FaceTime HD Camera'; %change your camera name if applicable
img = getsnapshot(cam);
img2 = getsnapshot(cam);
img3 = img - img2; %subtract Backround from Image
figure(1);subplot(3,3,3);imshow(img3);title('Subtracted'); %show the subtracted image
imgg3 = rgb2gray(img3); %Converts RGB to Gray
lvl = graythresh(img3); %find the threshold value using Otsu's method for black and white
%%lvl2 = km
img3 = im2bw(imgg3, lvl); %Converts image to BW, pixels with value higher than threshold value is changed to 1, lower changed to 0
img3 = bwareaopen(img3, 10000);
img3 = imfill(img3,'holes');
figure(1);subplot(3,3,6);imshow(img3);title('Small Areas removed & Holes Filled');
img3 = imerode(img3,strel('disk',15)); %erode image
img3 = imdilate(img3,strel('disk',20)); %dilate iamge
img3 = medfilt2(img3, [5 5]); %median filtering
figure(1);subplot(3,3,7);imshow(img3);title('Eroded,Dilated & Median Filtered');
img3 = bwareaopen(img3, 10000); %finds objects, noise or regions with
%pixel area lower than 10,000 and
%removes them
figure(1);subplot(3,3,8);imshow(img3);title('Processed'); %displays image with reduced noise
img3 = flipdim(img3,1); %flip image rows
figure(1);subplot(3,3,9);imshow(img3);title('Flip Image');
REG=regionprops(img3,'all'); %calculate the properties of regions for
%objects found
CEN = cat(1, REG.Centroid); %calculate Centroid
[B, L, N, A] = bwboundaries(img3,'noholes'); %returns the number of objects (N),
%adjacency matrix A, object boundaries B,
%nonnegative integers of contiguous regions L
RND = 0;
for k =1:length(B) %for the given object k
PER = REG(k).Perimeter; %Perimeter is set as perimeter calculated by region properties
ARE = REG(k).Area; %Area is set as area calculated by region properties
RND = (4*pi*ARE)/(PER^2);
BND = B{k}; %boundary set for object
BNDx = BND(:,2); %Boundary x coord
BNDy = BND(:,1);
pkoffset = CEN(:,2)+.5*(CEN(:,2)); %Calculate peak offset point from centroid
[pks,locs] = findpeaks(BNDy,'minpeakheight',pkoffset); %find peaks in the boundary in y axis with a minimum height greater than the peak offset
pkNo = size(pks,1); %finds the peak Nos
pkNo_STR = sprintf('%2.0f',pkNo); %puts the peakNo in a string
hold on
plot(BNDx, BNDy, 'b', 'LineWidth', 2); %plot Boundary
plot(CEN(:,1),CEN(:,2), '*'); %plot centroid
plot(BNDx(locs),pks,'rv','MarkerFaceColor','r','lineWidth',2); %plot peaks
hold off
CHAR_STR = 'not identified'; %sets char_str value to 'not identified'
if RND >0.19 && RND < 0.30 && pkNo ==3
elseif RND >0.44 && RND < 0.70 && pkNo ==0
elseif RND >0.37 && RND < 0.60 && pkNo ==1
elseif RND >0.40 && RND < 0.43 && pkNo ==2
elseif pkNo ==4
elseif pkNo ==5
CHAR_STR = 'not identified';
text(20,20,CHAR_STR,'color','r','Fontsize',18); %place text in x=20,y=20 on the figure with the value of Char_str in redcolour with font size 18
text(20,100,['RND: ' sprintf('%f',RND)],'color','r','Fontsize',18);
text(20,180,['PKS: ' pkNo_STR],'color','r','Fontsize',18);

Accepted Answer

Aghamarsh Varanasi
Aghamarsh Varanasi on 10 Nov 2020
The ability to control mouse pointer position, motion and clicks is not available in MATLAB. As a work around, you can use the Java class java.awt.Robot.
Refer to the answer in the link for details and explanations.

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