how do i create a sound signal whose frequency increase after every second in simulink

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Awais Ahmad Siddiqi
Awais Ahmad Siddiqi on 8 Nov 2020
Answered: Aghamarsh Varanasi on 11 Nov 2020
this gives me a sound signal of a constant frequency of generated sine wave. now i want this frequcny to increase by 200hz every second.
1st sec: 100Hz
2nd sec: 300Hz
3rd sec: 500Hz
and so on...
how do i increase in frequcny after a specific period?

Answers (1)

Aghamarsh Varanasi
Aghamarsh Varanasi on 11 Nov 2020
1. You can use a ‘chirp’ block to generate a sine wave with increasing frequency with time. You can tune the block parameters of the chirp block accordingly to achieve the desired output.
Refer to this Documentation Page.
2. If you need to increment the frequency of the sine wave after a time interval, you can model the sine wave as a function of Amplitude, frequency and time.
y = amplitude * sin( frequency * time + phase) + bias;
- For Example, Sine wave can be modeled in the following way as a function of amplitude, frequency and time, as mentioned in What can I do if I really need to change the parameter of a block every time step?” section of this blog post.





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