Matlab for Studying Plastic Polluton and movement of particles through a fluid.

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I am doing my final year project on plastic pollution in both marine and land environements. I will need matlab for data sumilation and undertanding how particles move in fluid (water mainly) and I have no idea which toolboxes are best suited to my needs. I assume I will need simscape fluids and mapping tool. Are there any other standard toolboxes that I should also select? As it is still early stages I am not sure on exact experimental methods I will be doing although I want to get ahead and learn Matlab ASAP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sarah McElman
Sarah McElman on 19 Nov 2020
Edited: Sarah McElman on 23 Nov 2020
Hi Liam,
Unfortunately for your project, it is not possible to model solid particle motion in a fluid with Simscape Fluids. Simscape Fluids models 1-D isothermal, thermal, two-phase, and other types of networks. What you describe would be better modeled with a finite-element or finite-volume method.
In general, you can find out about a product from the "Get Started" page in the documentation:
I recommend that new users check out our MATLAB onramp to learn the basics of MATLAB:

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