Is it possible to use two phase flow for a gas pushing a liquid out a tank?

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I am trying to model a system that uses compressed gas to force out liquid from a tank. Can I do that using a two phase system even if the gas and liquid are not the same material? Or is it better to work out the relationship and to model it as the liquid being 'pumped' out at a speed relative to the gas being forced into the tank.
The tank will have a split of the gas and water.

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Sarah McElman
Sarah McElman on 18 Nov 2020
Hi Grace,
I understand that you'd like to model the interaction of two different fluids in the same network.
The two-phase fluid domain is intended for a single network fluid that can phase change between liquid and vapor. At this time, it's not possible to model a multi-species fluid network, but we're aware of the value of being able to do this in Simscape.
I agree that modeling the system response of just one fluid would be the best approach.

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