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Is there any Simulink model for EV to show how to use Brake Resistor in the system?

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I am searching around to model a Brake resistor for my system. I was wondering if there is any documentation or Ad-on in MATLAB Simulink that I can use as a reference. any other hint would be appreciated.


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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 23 Nov 2020
Hello Atrin,
do you mean brake resistor? In that case, you can use the standard resistor for that.
In the real world, a brake resistor will typically have much more heat capacity and be designed to dissipate heat much faster than a typical resistor, but in simulation,there is very little difference between a normal resistor and a brake resistor.


Atrin Tabibi
Atrin Tabibi on 25 Nov 2020
Thank you Joel for your comment. Yes I meant brake resistor. The page you mentioned does not exist.

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