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reinforcement learning, 3D simulink model

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Fawad Salam
Fawad Salam on 26 Nov 2020
Commented: Fawad Salam on 8 Dec 2020
how to built a reset function of your 3D simulink model in reinforcement learning? i am getting state from rectangular joint in model now after every episode i have to reset the simulink model if my requirement have not been meet those requirment is based on state. my question is how can i reset the simulink model in model script?


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Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
There is nothing specific you need to do for a 3d Simulink model. You can follow any other Simulink example from Reinforcement Learning Toolbox. One example that sounds relevant is this one. I would take a look at the 'walkerResetFcn' script.


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Fawad Salam
Fawad Salam on 7 Dec 2020
why he is randomizing the angle ? can you not simply just reset the joints on the bases of output state value?
if(X=0 && y=0 )
reset mean you initialize the vx0 vy0 to zero
Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
If you don't reset the joint angles, you may be overfitting to the initial condition of the episode. At the end of the day this is optional of course, it's up to you to specify what you want to reset and how.
Fawad Salam
Fawad Salam on 8 Dec 2020
how can i used the ouput state signal coming from joint in if else comparator check? because i want to reset the model basics on the output state value.

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