How to I efficiently connect Matlab data to Simulink Blocks?

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I have generated a compensator using the SISOTOOL for a system that I have already implemented in Simulink. I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to: (1) store the compensator as a matlab variable, and (2) use that compensator (which is stored in the form of a linear system transfer function) in a discrete transfer function block
I want to automate all the steps in between, so I only have to re-run my Matlab script to generate my simulation report, but I am having trouble figuring out how to link the transfer function stored in the variable "Compensator" into a Simulink block linked to the plant that already exists.

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Ryan G
Ryan G on 21 Mar 2013
You want to use the LTI System Block. This allows you to simply enter the name of your transfer function as it appears in the workspace and it will run in Simulink. I believe this works with discrete transfer functions as well.

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