SimMechanics Link, STL file produce a VERY rough geometry, Is there a way to adjust the "Deviation Control" settings?

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I am using the SimMechanics Link in Pro/E Wildfire 3. I am selecting SimMechanics Link|Export|SimMechanics First Generation... to export the files and everything works, except...
The STL files are very rough looking, e.g. a circle looks like an octagon.
The same thing happens when I make STL files normally in Pro/E, but can be fixed in the "Export STL" dialog box in the section called
Deviation Control
Chord Height
Angle Control
by reducing the Chord Height and Angle Control values.
However, the SimMechanics Link exporter does not produce the "Export STL" dialog box so I have no opportunity to change the "Chord Height".
Is there some way to control the "Chord Height" value for the SimMechanics Link exporter?
Thanks John C. Briggs

Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 25 Jun 2021
I would recommend you look for some global or assembly-level settings within your CAD tool. Simscape Multibody is using the standard geometry export settings as it produces the CAD files.

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