How can I create a new column vector to store dates?

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Hi everyone,
I've been trying to create a column vector that is able to store diffrent dates, I've previously create a column vector to store the populations for each country so i wrote a code like this down :
countryPop = zeros(size(countries)); % Creating an empty coloumn vector to fill with the population of each country
for i = 1:length(countries) % Creating a for loop that will repeat 214 times for each country
iCountryFirst = find(strcmp(coviddata.countriesAndTerritories,countries(i)),1);
countryPop(i) = coviddata.popData2019(iCountryFirst);
This would create a coloumn vector and store the populations in it, however i'm trying to do this for dates now rather than populations of diffrent countires. The dates are stored in a DD/MM/YYYY format.
Please can somebody help be do this and many thanks,

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 11 Dec 2020
Hello Salman,
then similalry, you can store it in a new vector dates(i) = datetime(2020,12,12,0,0,0)

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