Variable resistor with Tustin solver

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I am simulating a system with variable resistor from SimPowerSystems Specialized Power Systems library. When powergui solver Tustin/Backward-Euler is chosen, it runs ok. But when Tustin is chosen with options "Interpolate switching events" and "use time-stamped gate signals" enabled, the following error appears:
Invalid Simulink object name: power_utile/Discrete NoSingleSwitch DSS Interp_ext
Caused by:
No block called 'Discrete NoSingleSwitch DSS Interp_ext' could be found.
Does anybody know how to simulate varible resistors with Tustin solver with these options enabled (I use them to improve converter PWM precision)?

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 16 Dec 2020
I think the interpolation function is incompatible with the variable resistor. I'll submit a bug report and see what I hear back. You would need to make your own variable resistor to compensate. Perhaps you can use a controlled current source instead of a variable resistor? If the variable resistor is very important, simscape electrical is much better as handling variable resistors than specialized power systems is.
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Vinícius Freitas
Vinícius Freitas on 16 Dec 2020
Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, I have to stay with specialized power systems because of other functionalities.
I'll try using the current source.

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