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An unrecognizable error in LSB based steganography

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I have embedded text-data into green and blue channels of an RGB image according to the LSB's of pixels in R channel.
The embedding is done by LSB based steganography method.
While extracting the text-data I have followed the reverse logic.
Embedding and Extracting are going on as expected but the PSNR of the Embedded image is high i.e., the image we get after embedding is looking much different from the cover image.
Please look into the code I have attached and help me out.
Thanks in advance.
Note : Directories of the images are to be given appropriately.

Accepted Answer

Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan on 18 Dec 2020
Looking at the "Embed.m" script, I can see you have made a small assignment error here:
greenChannel = imresize(blueChannel,[512,512]);
Fixing this to the appropiate channel(green) makes the embedded and original image visually similar.

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