How can I track an object with kinect (XYZ)?

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Abdelwahed on 2 Apr 2013
How can I use kinect with matlab, I found some examples but it's doesn't work with my machine (64 bits), all the programs are developed in 32 bits.
What I want exactly is to track a 3 leds with matlab using kinect camera so I'll have the XYZ for the three points.
Thank you in advance for your answer.
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Mahdi on 2 Apr 2013
If the programs are developed in 32 bit, I would suggest downloading the 32-bit version of MATLAB (it runs on 64-bit) and try it that way.

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Jean Michel Franco
Jean Michel Franco on 9 Jul 2014
if you want to do that, you have to calibrate both cameras (depth and color) and you have to sinchronize both streams on matlab wich seems to be dificult.

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