EPOS4 Maxon Group and beaglebone programmed from Simulink

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I am trying to integrate EposCommandLibrary(shared library for linux applications) from MaxonGroup with simulink environment. My main goal is to put some c++ code in s-function builder block with some functions of EPOSCommandLibrary, and then this code is going to be deployed in my beaglebone black board with Embedded Coder. But i am getting some errors because my simulink model is not recognizing EPOSCommandLibrary and its functions. When you compile from linux terminal(beaglebone) you need to use gcc main.cpp -lEposCmd. As you can see, i need this parameter in the gcc compile command. I was wondering if i can compile my c++ code in simulink with gcc and put manually this flag.
Thank you for reading this!

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Aghamarsh Varanasi
Aghamarsh Varanasi on 31 Dec 2020
You can add compile time flags to your build environment of Embedded Coder using the 'addCompileFlags' function.
For Example,
myModelBuildInfo = RTW.BuildInfo;
Hope this helps.
PEDRO HENRIQUE Ulhoa on 5 Jan 2021
i tried hat and still it's not working... The diagnostic:
"mycode.c:(.text+0x200): undefined reference to 'VCS_opendevice' "
I am using S-function to call some C files that uses EposCmd library. When i build, this "undefined reference" error appears. It's not recognizing the library.

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