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How does direct path doppler shift in comm.RicianChannel vary once the property is set?

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I am simulating a multipath channel with multiple rician (LOS) taps and rayleigh (NLOS) taps. We have to set the DirectPathDopplerShift property in the comm.RicianChannel object to specify the "Doppler shift of the line-of-sight components of a multipath Rician fading channel". Now, I wanted to understand if this doppler shift varies from the value it was set to every time the channel is called, until it is reset? That is, if I set the shift to 40 Hz, will it be say, 40 Hz during the first call, 42 Hz in the second call, and so on? Does the direct path doppler shift vary in such a correlated fashion, or does it remain constant at 40 Hz? What kind of distribution/correlation function does it follow if it varies with time? Where can I find the details of the algorithm/implementation used for this? I needed to know this because these aspects are crucial to know while interpreting results of doppler estimation.

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Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 15 Mar 2022
Hi Abhay,
Please refer this documentation for all available details about DirectPathDopplerShift property.


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