Fit a function with respect to a cost function

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I have a function with 4 parameters and s (p is fixed and s is a vector and also fixed).
pwr = @(a,b,p,s) b.*(1-e.^(-(a/b).*s))+p;
In addition to that I have a cost function which consits of multiple steps. The result of my pwr function is one of the input parameters.
function cost = computeCost(dist,pwr,s,p,E,alpha)
% two differential equations and some other stuff
My goal is to adjust the parameters a and b for given parametrsp and s so that is in a defined range ().
I thought about using fmincon and passing the cost function as the nonlcon parameter. But as I'm not trying to mimize the pwr fucntion but the cost function this doesn't seem to be the right way. Does anybody have a hint for me how to do this?

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Prudhvi Peddagoni
Prudhvi Peddagoni on 21 Jan 2021
Since you are not trying to minimise or maximise anything here, you do not need to use fmincon function. You want to find values of a and b such that certain conditions hold. You can use solve or vpasolve function to do this.
Hope this helps.

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