Alphanumeric sorting of data

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I have data which is extracted from various excel fiels in a folder. I want to sort the data based on the data in the first column. The issue is the data in this column is for ex, '10000 Rest', '3200 Rest', '2000 Rest', etc.. I need the data to be in ascending form. The output I receive is '10000 Rest', '2000 Rest', '3200 Rest', etc. The required output for me is '2000 Rest', '3200 Rest', '10000 Rest'.. etc.
Is there a way to change the sorting type.

Accepted Answer

Rishabh Mishra
Rishabh Mishra on 22 Jan 2021
Edited: Rishabh Mishra on 22 Jan 2021
Based on my understanding of the issue, I suggest you to implement the 'sort_nat' function. The function is used to sort array of strings in natural alphabetcial order. I have added a reference example code below to demonstrate the use of sort_nat function.
arr = {'10000 Rest','3200 Rest','2000 Rest'};
Hope this helps!
Prathamesh Halagi
Prathamesh Halagi on 25 Jan 2021
Yes, I think it can be ignored as all data has number followed by REST.

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