Can't use laplace transformed expression with transfer function.

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When i laplace transform my expression ('r2') it becomes "sym" and i cant use it with any system or transfer function in the 's'-domain.
('r1') is numerically equivalent, but declared manually. it works fine.
Is there a way to make Laplace transforms become "tf"?

Accepted Answer

Rohit Pappu
Rohit Pappu on 29 Jan 2021
A plausible solution is as follows
% Collect the coefficients of r2
h = collect(r2);
% Split the coefficients into numerator and denominator
[ii,jj] = numden(h);
% Convert the coefficients into numerical values
num = sym2poly(ii);
den = sym2poly(jj);
% Generate Transfer function from the above coefficients
model= tf(num,den);

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