HDL-Coder Delay Balancing in Feedback-Loop workaround

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I am trying to generate HDL-Code from a Subsystem that looks like this:
Inside Subsystem 2 and 3 there is some combinatorial logic with multipliers, adders etc. that need Delay-Balancing and Pipelining to achieve the desired Clock-Frequency.
Unfortunately hdlcoder refuses to perform delay-balancing and pipelining. It tells me:
"Delay balancing unsuccessful because Delay introduced in feedback loop cannot be path balanced"
"Unable to insert required number of pipeline registers because the Block is in a feedback path"
Is there a way to perform these optimizations in Subsystem 2 and 3 as if there was no Feedback-Loop involved?
Kind regards

Answers (1)

Alan Moses
Alan Moses on 29 Jan 2021
In some cases, when you have blocks inside a feedback loop, adaptive pipelining is unable to insert the required number of pipeline registers at the output. Delay balancing can then fail.
You may have to manually add/balance the delays in the loop. Refer this link for a similar explanation.

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