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How to generate C code for the matlab function "kurtogram"?

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I am trying to generate C code for my Matlab code. My Matlab code runs perfectly without any problems.
To generate the C code, I am using the Matlab C coder.
However, while trying to generate C code for the Matlab function kurtogram I always get some errors. When I try generate C code for kurtogram without any output parameters, I am able to generate C code.
Does anyone know how to solve this or what I am possibly doing wrong.
This is the function I would like to have in C code:
function [fc, BW] = causprobieren (x,sampRate)
double fc
double BW
[~, ~, ~, fc, ~, BW] = kurtogram(x, sampRate);
I am using this script for testing the function:
sampRate = 1000;
X = X';
[fc, B] = causprobieren(X(1:2500),sampRate)

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Jan 2021
double fc
is the same thing as
which means to convert the character codes for 'f' 'c' to double precision and display them. It has nothing to do with declaring fc to be double precision.
You need to assign zeros of appropriate size to fc before you make the call, or you need to use coder.varsize().
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Jan 2021
When I read the documentation, it looks like in this case you should not initialize a and b
HF on 31 Jan 2021
I already tried this option too, but I am still not able to generate C code:
function [fc, BW] = causprobieren (x,sampRate)
[~, ~, ~, a, ~, b] = kurtogram(x, sampRate);
% kurtogram(x, sampRate);
fc = a;
BW = b;

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