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moving folders main folder and then deleting the empty folders

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I have one big folder, lets call "data", which has folders inside called 'person'.
Each "person" has specific folders, sometimes "SE1" and "SE3", sometimes SE1 and SE8, etc...,
except, i have hundreds of people
I want to put these SE1 folders into just "data" and remove the original folders they were held inside
how can I make such a script?
thank you!!
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Feb 2021
To confirm, you would throw away person/SE3 and person/SE8 ? Throw away everything except person/SE1 ?
I take it that "person" for this purpose is variable, such as data/Amanda/SE1 data/Amanda/SE3 data/THX1138/SE1 data/BB8/SE1 ? But SE1 is a fixed name, right? When you do the moving, what should the new name be? data/Amanda/SE1 should be renamed to... what?
Amanda on 8 Feb 2021
main folder= "data"
subfolders of "data"= "Person 1" "Person2" "Person3" etc....
subfolder of "Person1" = SE1, SE2
subfolder of "Person2" = SE3, SE8
I want SE1, SE2, SE3, SE8, etc to be removed from the folders that they are in
and put into "data" folder with the original PersonNumber folders they were in.
The deleting part is extra, I just want these files to be moved.
But I would delete Person1 once that folder has its contents emptied/moved

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Answers (1)

Sourabh Kondapaka
Sourabh Kondapaka on 11 Feb 2021
Approaching this in a similar fashion to your question answered here
pathToData = fullfile(pwd, 'data');
dataFolder = dir(pathToData);
dirFlags = [dataFolder.isdir];
subFolders = dataFolder(dirFlags);
subFolders = subFolders(3:length(subFolders));
for k = 1 : length(subFolders)
person = subFolders(k).name;
personSubFolder = dir(fullfile(pathToData, person));
personSubFolder = personSubFolder(3:length(personSubFolder));
for j = 1: length(personSubFolder)
seFolder = personSubFolder(j).name;
srcFolder = fullfile(pathToData, person, seFolder);
destFolder = fullfile(pathToData, seFolder);
movefile(srcFolder, destFolder);
% fprintf('\n \n ------------- Moving from ---------- \n \n');
% disp(srcFolder);
% fprintf('\n \n To \n \n');
% disp(destFolder);
%Removing the person folder after moving all the folders within it into
%Data folder
rmdir(fullfile(pathToData, person));
Initial Folder Structure:
After executing the above script:
For more information on "movefile()" you can check the documention here
For more information on "dir()" you can check the documentation here
A similar question has been answered here
You can take the free course Matlab OnRamp
Note: As your query was simple enough, a for-loop approach was sufficient. If you need to achieve something much more complicated than this, please read up about Recursion, Backtracking


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