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How to add a ground plane to a linearArray?

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Colton Baldridge
Colton Baldridge on 19 Feb 2021
The support article below says that you simply set parameter 'GroundPlaneWidth' to whatever you want, however this property is protected in linear array?
To clarify, I have an array of monopoleRadials that I want to place over an infinite ground plane

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Shashank Gupta
Shashank Gupta on 24 Feb 2021
Hi Colton,
I am attaching a small piece of code for the reference and I think this should work for you.
lin = linearArray('Element',monopoleRadial)
r = reflector('Exciter',lin,'GroundPlaneWidth',inf)
I hope this helps.
Colton Baldridge
Colton Baldridge on 2 Mar 2021
Hi Shashank, I actually just tried your code and it gives me the error
"linearArray cannot be set as an Exciter for the antenna"
I recommend for anyone else trying to do this to use conformal array with multiple elements of your antenna, and a reflector with a very small dipole. The results I got seem reasonable

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