Practical way to have multiple "drawrectangle" and work with them

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I have an image displayed in an axes. The user should draw multiple rectangles using drawrectangle (command started via menu command in a GUI). When the user decides that there are enough recangles, he will start the tracking algorithm which will track the content of every rectangle he has drawn.
I am looking for the easiest way to work with these rectangles. Each rectangle has a Matlab-built-in context menu, that allows to delete or adjust the rectangle. So I need some sort of a dynamic list of rectangles that also react to the interactions with the context menu.
Here is the principle that generates a cell array of rectangles, but of course, it is not updated when the user interacts with the context menu. I am looking for a better way to generate and update this list of rectangles. Thank you for your help!!
% User adds a rectangle
if isempty(track_rectangles) %first time a rectangle is selected

Accepted Answer

William Thielicke
William Thielicke on 28 Feb 2021
Ok, I found something in the help:
hfhs = findobj(gca, 'Type', 'images.roi.Rectangle')
Calling this just before starting the tracking will give you a list of all rectangles that have been drawn.

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