Creatin a matrix within values from a biger matrix

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I have a matrix 500000x117. I need to populate a matrix 7x116 with values from the bigger matrix (1:7,2:117)
dpb on 5 Mar 2021
Well, we'd have to see the form of the data in the spreadsheet and the error message but readmatrix doesn't return a cell arry; it returns a double array already -- any data in the spreadsheet that can't be interpreted as a valid floating point number will be returned as NaN.
will return the content of whatever is in the spreadsheet that is numberic in that region of the overall array; as noted, if some of the content of the file is non-numeric, those will be returned as NaN--but still in a double array.

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Prudhvi Peddagoni
Prudhvi Peddagoni on 8 Mar 2021
you can use import tool to import data from the spreadsheets. You can check if there are any NaN values too.
Hope this helps.

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