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readAprilTag in Simulink for code generation

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Alberto Sconfienza
Alberto Sconfienza on 12 Mar 2021
Good morning,
Someone has any ideas on how I can use the function readAprilTag in Simulink for code generation?
Or someone has done before the estimation and pose of an AprilTag in Simulink?
Thank you.

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Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan on 15 Mar 2021
Hi Alberto,
The "readAprilTag" function is currently not supported for code generation. You could use the coder.extrinsic API to include such functions in your custom code:
I hope this helps!
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Alberto Sconfienza
Alberto Sconfienza on 16 Mar 2021
I tried, but what I get is this error:
The extrinsic function 'readAprilTag' is not available for standalone code generation. It must be eliminated for stand-alone code to be generated. It could not be eliminated because its outputs appear to influence the calling function. Fix this error by not using 'readAprilTag' or by ensuring that its outputs are unused.

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