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better help / tutorial on realtime instruments

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I'm trying to get aquainted with using instruments in a GUI to display signals logged on a realtime target machine. I have attempted to follow matlabs inverted pendulum example but am finding it to be very confusing... I would just like to get a sin wave streamed from my target machine to plot to an axis on a gui as a proof of concept but the only example available is for a complex applicaiton that I am having a hard time understanding. Admitedly, I'm new to using the app designer which isn't helping my comprehension, but I really think there ought to be a clear explaination of the process of implementing a realtime instrument object... Any advice is appreciated!

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Christopher Bitikofer
Christopher Bitikofer on 19 Mar 2021
Followup, I was able to get the an Instrument object working following some much needed calories and time spent tracing functions in the demo inverted pendulum app...
That said I think there should be a better explaination posted in the documentation walking users through, what a callback function for instruments should do, what the eventData object is, and preformance optimization... in my use case, I need the gui to at least maintain a steady framerate while playing back a signal from the target machine. Right now things are still pretty choppy... I would appreciate a way to set a target framerate...
Christopher Bitikofer
Christopher Bitikofer on 22 Mar 2021
I hadn't heard of that toolbox, but it seems pretty useful! Thanks for the idea I'll look into using it.
Jon Lobo
Jon Lobo on 7 Apr 2021
Hi Christopher (and anyone else who might find this useful),
I made an example for this workflow with a simple model and app that I thought might be useful (see attached).

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