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More information about assembly (or why is something not assembling)

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I wonder if there are more tools in SimMechanics 2G than the Explorer who simply states: Joint x ist bad. For example, somethink that tells me: Joint x Follower axis z deviates by 3.33 degrees.
I have a model with a closed loop whose last joint refuses to assemble and I dont find the typo/error/whatever thats responsible... :(
Any general hints other than check your coordinates?
Thanks a lot!

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 25 Jun 2021
Hi Phillipp,
Be sure to check the Model Report, accessible from the Mechanics Explorer. It will tell you which joints it could not assemble and what the deviation was. That can help you narrow down which frames are not oriented properly.
A technique I use is to comment out joints until it assembles. Often times, the mistake will be obvious as a part will be pointing off in the wrong direction.

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