Array as input for look-up table in simulink

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Dennis on 10 Jun 2013
I have a 451x250 double in my workspace, I would like to used it as a look-up talbe in simulink with the indicies as reference, so that array(1,1) would give the first number as output. How can this be done ?

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Ryan G
Ryan G on 11 Jun 2013
Have you tried the n-d lookup tables? If that doesn't work you can also try defining it as a data store. You can setup the IC of the data store as this matrix then use a data store read along with a selector block that allows for a lot of flexibility.
Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 11 Jun 2013
Dennis: You don't need to import the matrix as a signal using the From Workspace/File block, simply enter the name of the variable in the 'Table data' field of the n-D Lookup Table's dialog window.

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