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Triangulation of a domain

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Khalid Ibne Masood
Khalid Ibne Masood on 3 Apr 2021
Answered: darova on 3 Apr 2021
I want to implement 2D fast marching method (FMM) in a rectangular domain with triangular meshes as there should be some curves inside the rectangular domain. FMM requires that all the triangles need to be acute angle triangle. Now please help me
(i) how to create triangular meshes in the rectangular domain with some curves inside
(ii) how to make sure all the triangles are non-obtuse triangles.
I appreciate all the helps.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

darova on 3 Apr 2021
Here is ax example of triangulation
t = (0:90:270)+45;
[x,y] = pol2cart(t*pi/180,1);
gd = [2;length(x);x(:);y(:)]; % geometry description
dl = decsg(gd); % decomposition
[p,e,t] = initmesh(dl); % initialize mesh (points,edges,triangles)
What do you mean by curves inside?
I know only one way to generate non-obtuse triangle - just reduce size
To check angles of each triangles use dot product

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