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Integrating a function with one of the limits a matrix

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Alyssa Pope
Alyssa Pope on 3 Apr 2021
Commented: darova on 4 Apr 2021
Hi, just needing some help on integrating this function. I have a function that I'm trying to integrate in terms of y, and one of the bounds on the integral is a matrix that I also calculate within the code. Here is my current code:
r = 350;
S = 0.001;
T = 2400;
t = [1:1:100];
u = ((r^2)*S)./(4*T.*t);
syms y
f = exp(-y)./(y);
integralCalculated = integral(@(y)exp(-y)./(y),u,inf);
So the idea is that I'm integrating from u to infinity where u has 100 components, so that I'll get an output of a matrix that also has 100 values. I get the error that A and B must be floating point scalars, and I've seen some threads that use arrayfun but wasn't clear on how it applies to the function I'm using. Thanks for any help.

Accepted Answer

darova on 4 Apr 2021
Why don't just use for loop?
integralCalculated = zeros(size(u));
for i = 1:length(u)
integralCalculated(i) = integral(@(y)exp(-y)./(y),u(i),inf);

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