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Measure distance and angle of object

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Moufid Meddeb
Moufid Meddeb on 4 Apr 2021
Commented: Image Analyst on 7 Apr 2021
hello my friends, I need help and I trust you, the goal is to measure these measurements in an automatic way
Moufid Meddeb
Moufid Meddeb on 4 Apr 2021
the difference between each images are measurements a , b , h and two angle . Yes the triangle always in roughly the same location but not roughly the same size. yes the bottom always sloping. this another image

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Accepted Answer

darova on 5 Apr 2021
Here is the algorithm
  • crop the region 1 and find min/max x
[m,n] = size(step1);
[~,x1] = find(step1(:,1:n/2),1,'last');
[~,x2] = find(step1(:,n/2:n),1,'first');
a_value = x2-x1;
  • crop region 2
[~,x] = find(step2);
b_value = x(end) - x(1);
  • region 3
[y,~] = find(step3);
h_value = max(y) - min(y);
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Apr 2021
x2 = n/2 + find(step1(:,n/2:n),1,'first');

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