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Plotting dates on the x-axis

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Luiz Aguiar
Luiz Aguiar on 4 Apr 2021
Answered: darova on 6 Apr 2021
I have a cell with 4 columns in which the first one is a day, the second is a month, the third is a year and the fourth is an index value. I would like to know if there's a way of plotting a "timelapse" on the x-axis using the info in the first three columns and the index values on the y-axis, or do I have to modify my cell using datenum? If so, any tips on doing that? Thanks in advance, any help is very valuable!!

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darova on 6 Apr 2021
Just use datenum
a = rand(5,4,3);
ans = 5×1
55.5745 351.6499 41.5854 342.2935 116.0815
Use sort if needed


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