excel sheet with 5rows & 10 columns

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shaz on 17 Jun 2013
i would like to create a excel sheet with following information 1) 5rows & 10 columns 2) each column with different colors 3) heading for each column to be bold

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 17 Jun 2013
Did you type help xlswrite in the command window?
The documentation in matlab help is very useful too.

Tom on 17 Jun 2013
You'll need to set up an Excel server; see this example
That shows how to change the cell colours. The font is made bold in a similar way, using the selected range:
ran.font.Bold = 1;
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shaz on 17 Jun 2013
thanks for your answer
can you please tell how to insert a table & put data into the table

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Tom on 17 Jun 2013
The example shows how to put data into the cells:
%Select the appropriate range
ran = h.Activesheet.get('Range',range);
%write the data to the range
ran.value = data;
You can add borders around the cells; here are a couple of examples:
ran.Borders.Item('xlEdgeBottom').LineStyle = 1;
ran.Borders.Item('xlEdgeLeft').Weight = 3;


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