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How to visualize the matrix with colored entries

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Dear all, I have a matrix with some suspicious entries. I would like to show all entries (all numbers) and color by red my suspicious data. I have no idea how to do it:( Thanks!
Evan on 17 Jun 2013
Edited: Evan on 17 Jun 2013
Do you mean you want to visualize the data graphically and color certain datapoints red, or are you saying you'd like certain elements to be red when you call the matrix from the command window?
Anastasiya on 17 Jun 2013
Thanks, Evan. I guess I would like to color certain data points by red, but having all the values.

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Answers (1)

Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor on 17 Jun 2013
Edited: Kye Taylor on 17 Jun 2013
What are the features that make your data suspicious? For example, if the suspicious data is all very large (say 2 standard deviations larger than the average datum), then you could try something like
% a proxy for your matrix
dataMatrix = randn(100,100);
% logical variable
isSuspect = dataMatrix > mean(dataMatrix(:))+2*std(dataMatrix(:));
% create an image where each pixel represents an entry in dataMatrix.
% the pixel will be red if isSuspect(i,j) is true
% or (less exciting)
Anastasiya on 17 Jun 2013
Edited: Anastasiya on 17 Jun 2013
Thanks Kye! Yes, I can do imagesc, but I also would like to see real values of entries (a table or so). And I have my own functions to identify suspicious data(outliers)...
Fatemeh Sadeghihassanabadi
you can also try heatmap function:

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