How to get rid of "Integration Tolerance Not Met"?

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Victoria Miller
Victoria Miller on 6 Apr 2021
Answered: Arthur Goldsipe on 6 Apr 2021
I'm trying to run a simulation of a repressilator in E. coli and get the error message above. How would you recommend I fix this issue? I have already tried messing with the simulation settings, but no luck. Thanks so much.

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 6 Apr 2021
If you simulate from the command line, you should see a warning that infinite or NaN (not-a-number) values occur during the simulation. (In R2021a you should also see these warnings in the SimBiology Model Analyzer app.)
This typically indicates a modeling error. I suggest decreasing the simulation time to something shorter and inspecting the results to make sure they make sense. I see that the value of "LacI mRNA" becomes negative after the first time step. And if I look at the reactions involving this species, the reactions rates don't look physically meaningful to me: "LacI mRNA" is consumed even when its concentration is 0.


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