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Edit field text does not work after migration from Guide to App designer

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Wolfgang Jacquet
Wolfgang Jacquet on 9 Apr 2021
Commented: Wolfgang Jacquet on 15 Apr 2021
I migrated an application from guide to app designer and it seems that the editable text cannot be edited in the migrated application.
If I add a new editable edit field it does not allow to be edited in the running application.

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Monisha Nalluru
Monisha Nalluru on 14 Apr 2021
There could be two reasons to edit text component not editable:
  • Check wether the component is Editable and Enabled
  • There is a gap between the uicontrol 'editfield' and the new 'uieditfield'. You could use the 'UserData' property that is available on every component. So if you had this GUIDE code:
set(handles.edit1, 'Value', datenum(get(handles.edit1, 'String')));
This should be converted to
app.edit1.UserData = datenum(app.edit1.Value);
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Wolfgang Jacquet
Wolfgang Jacquet on 15 Apr 2021
All text components that need to be editable, Editable is enabled (check box).
I did not make a construction to change the string input into another type such as 'datenum'.
I tested by adding a nuet editable text object into the migrated application
It behaves like the 'migrated editable text fields', impossible to select by clicking for editing.

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