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representing data in pie chart

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asaf omer
asaf omer on 11 Apr 2021
Answered: Monisha Nalluru on 14 Apr 2021
hello everybody i wanna represent data in pie chart:
and i got stuck when the sum of values is less than 100:
a2=input("please enter numeric values using '[ ]' : ");
if sum (a2)>=100
labels = {'data','Other'};

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Monisha Nalluru
Monisha Nalluru on 14 Apr 2021
pie(X) draws a pie chart using the data in X
  • If sum(X) ≤ 1, then the values in X directly specify the areas of the pie slices. pie draws only a partial pie if sum(X) < 1.
  • If sum(X) > 1, then pie normalizes the values by X/sum(X) to determine the area of each slice of the pie.
But if you dont want a partial pie when sum(X) < 100 you can use if condition and calculate the other variable value and plot it.
As an example
a2=input("please enter numeric values using '[ ]' : ");
if sum(a2)>100
disp('Invalid Entry: Sum Greater than 100');
elseif sum(a2) == 100
others = 100 - sum(a2);
a2 = [a2, others];
Hope this helps!



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