"Error -303"

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noone Me
noone Me on 14 Apr 2021
Commented: noone Me on 14 Apr 2021
Hello to all,
I am a beginner but I can't solve my problem here is the code:
the one always returns me an error -303 and I can't find it
thank you very much for helping me
String json = ThingSpeak.readRaw(THINGSPEAK_REGISTRY_CHANNEL_NUMBER, String("/feeds/?results=8000"), THINGSPEAK_REGISTRY_API_KEY);
int statusCode = ThingSpeak.getLastReadStatus();

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 14 Apr 2021
-303 is unable to parse resonse, which you can see in the library github.
8000 records seems like a lot of data for a device to parse. Can you explain why you need this meany records on teh device? We would reccomend writing a MATLAB script to write the answer you are calculating to a derived channel and reas fewer values from the derived channel to your device.
If you read fewer records, does the command still fail? Can you try the call from a web browser or postman and see what the results are?
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noone Me
noone Me on 14 Apr 2021
Thanks for answering my call for help :)
As I said, I am a beginner and to answer your question: no, my channel has only 1 record and has 3 fields => field1 = Address , field2 = ID (channel) , field3 = API KEY
the content of these fields, I entered manually
I changed the code :
String json = ThingSpeak.readRaw(THINGSPEAK_REGISTRY_CHANNEL_NUMBER, String("/feeds/?results=1"), THINGSPEAK_REGISTRY_API_KEY);
int statusCode = ThingSpeak.getLastReadStatus();
but this does not change anything, I still have => statuscode = -303
thank you again
pS : sorry for my english ....

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