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I am a little confused after reading some app compiler documentation and have a quick question. I have a program that utilizes simulink, image acquistion toolbox, and app designer. I want to turn this into a standalone application to be able to run it on computers that DO NOT have MATLAB. Will using the MATLAB compiler's application compiler only run on computers with MATLAB? Or after the .exe file is made can it run on computers without it?
Would it be best to convert it all to C++ code to be able to run it on any computer?
Thanks so much for the help!
Sebastian Caceres

Accepted Answer

Swetha Polemoni
Swetha Polemoni on 19 Apr 2021
As mentioned in Standalone Applications documentation you can run MATLAB code on target machines that do not have MATLAB installed. But you need to have MATLAB Run time installed. MATLAB® Runtime contains the libraries needed to run MATLAB applications on a target system without a licensed copy of MATLAB.
Follow this documentation Install and Configure MATLAB Runtime for the steps to follow.
To generate c/c++ code one should check for what are all the functions in the tool box that are supported by codegen. Here is the link to check.

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