IIR bands stop filter

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Ahmed Azhari
Ahmed Azhari on 17 Apr 2021
Answered: Swetha Polemoni on 20 Apr 2021
I want to dsign IIr filter band stop with the following conditions:
0.8<= | Hd(exp(jw)) |<=1, 0<=w<=0.2pi 0.7pi<=w<=pi
| Hd(exp(jw)) | <=0.2, 0.3pi<=w<=0.6pi

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Swetha Polemoni
Swetha Polemoni on 20 Apr 2021
You can use designfilt to design filters in Matlab. Have a look at Name-Value Pair Arguments such as 'PassbandFrequency', 'StopbandFrequency', 'StopbandAttenuation' to get the filter with desired specifications.

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