how to run linux commands in MATLAB, in windows 10

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Hugo on 26 Apr 2021
Edited: Hugo on 26 Apr 2021
I am using windows 10 and I would like to run a software, called Moldex3D, in command line. The problem is that the command is for linux OS. It works like this:
Moldex3D Solver Command-Line Tool, a Linux executable one to launch Moldex3D or create PBS console program, is located at /opt/Moldex3D/Rxx/x64/Bin.
Usage 1 (Launch Moldex3D computing):
MDXSolverCommandlineTool -launch {bjs_file_path} {run_index} {module_index} {nprocess} {compute_node_file_path}
– bjs_file_path: The full path of MDXBatchRun.bjs.
– run_index: The index of the run to launch.
– module_index: The index of the module to launch.
– nprocess: Number of total MPI processes to launch.
– compute_node_file_path: The full path of the file containing nodes to use for computing.
Can I run the comand MDXSolverCommandlineTool -launch {bjs_file_path} {run_index} {module_index} {nprocess} {compute_node_file_path} in MATLAB, in windows 10? I tried using the system function, but without success.
I thank you in advance,
Best regards,

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